First ever AI Enabled Multispectral Wound Imaging Device

Rapid Point of Care device to detect and classify clinically relevant pathogens on wounds


Realtime pathogen detection

Detects infection 10^4 CFU/g, Wound Monitoring, debraidement and guidance

Gram-type Classification

Classifies and colorcodes bacteria and fungus with more than 85% accuracy.

Wound Dimension Tracking

Tracks wound progression over visits by measuring length, width and area.

Comprehensive wound reporting

The device generates comprehensive and intuitive wound report after analysis.

Cloud Connected

Illuminate is cloud enabled that offers the user to sync their data to our secured servers.

AI Enabled

AI Algorithm analyses the autofluorescence spectral image to classify pathogens.

What We Offer

Aggressively leverage the ‘Golden Period of wound healing’ to identify the pathogens affecting the wound.

Targeted First line treatment

Guided cleaning and debridement

Monitor wound progression

Better patient engagement

Minimum Interpretation

Post analysis of the pathogen signature through our proprietary AI Engine the device generates an interactive report comprising of colour coded images to understand spatial location of pathogens on wounds along with dimension data.

The user can pan and zoom to get a closer look, take notes for future reference, share it or send it to a connected printer to take out a hard copy report. This data collected over visits can be further analysed in the form of 'progressive report' to understand wound progression.

The device is also cloud enabled that allows the user to take regular backups and adds an extra layer of security through password-based authentication. The ability to search and filter report based on date, patient name or ID make it amazingly simple to locate what you are looking for.


A Complete

and Accurate

The sophisticated opto-electronic system which achieves multispectral imaging is the heart of the device. The spectral wound images captured are then run through a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm that detects, color-codes and classifies pathogen with more than 85% accuracy.

A comprehensive report is generated in less than 2 minutes along with wound dimensions. The information of the gram type of pathogens infecting the wound, monitoring pre-surgery and post-surgery bacterial load makes Illuminate unrivalled among its competitors.


We are proud to showcase the words of appreciation from our valued users, and always happy to hear how we assist them everyday in saving lives.

Dr Janak N Parekh

Dr Janak N Parekh

Surgeon, GMERS, Valsad, Gujarat

“I found the device to be extremely user friendly and convenient to handle. The Devices uses AI on the images and immediately show if the infecting bacteria is Gram Positive or Gram Negative. This added feature gives it an edge over other available devices in the international market. The device is handy, Light weight and easy to operate.”

Dr. Anil Vaidhya

Dr. Anil Vaidhya

Pancreas transplant surgeon, Apollo Hospital

“I have used this ‘point of care’, easy to use, handheld, device that has the ability to demonstrate the presence of gram positive, negative bacteria as well as characterise fungal infection. I am very happy to have such a device in my clinical setting. It gives me immense satisfaction to demonstrate the ‘problem’ (of biofilm and non-healing) to the patient directly at the point of care. Such a device will be at the leading edge of war against antibiotic resistance.”
Dr. Aayush Gupta

Dr. Aayush Gupta

Dermatologist, DY Patil Hospital, Pune

“The device is a great tool, to monitor infections on Skin and Soft Tissues rapidly. It guides us into taking accurate swabs and judiciously using antibiotics and antifungals. Post fungal treatment its difficult to monitor if a patient is getting better or not. The progressive report from this device gives us better understanding about healing status”

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